2013 Reading Challenge

This year, I only participated in four Reading Challenge.

  • Yep! Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge! Last year, I've read 115 books out of 105, surprisingly! (See here.) But this year would be different, since I have national exams, preparing for college, and stuff. So I decided that I'll challenge myself to read 75 books. (See here.) But if I can read them before July-August, then I'll add more, maybe I'll read 100 books, who knows? :))
    • Sitta Karina's Book Reading Challenge! See the post about it here. This Challenge is hosted by mbak Sulis. Let's see if I can read all Sitta Karina's books. ;)
    • Books in English Reading Challenge, hosted by Teh Peni. See the post about it here. :)
    • Receh for Books, hosted by mbak Maya.

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